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When I decided that newborn photography was where my heart is at, maternity photography came along with it. At the time, it wasn’t my favorite. Not because I don’t think its an amazing time of life. I loved being pregnant. But, just like high school senior sessions, I swear I don’t know what to do with just one person. Give me extended families of 40 and I’ll rock it. But just one person – eeeeek the butterflies flutter in my belly.

Then I started these studio sessions, where we have a quiet intimate setting. Just the two of us, no shouting across a field, or waiting on the wind to die down. We can be comfortable, relaxed, and really focus our attention, and my lens, on the miracle you’re growing. That’s where I found a passion for maternity. Just my mama clients and my lens.

I swear every mom comes in and says “I dont know what to do with my hands” and I just reply “just touch your belly or your hair”.

And it’s just like second nature, with just a little guidance we capture the beauty that is this moment in life.

If you aren’t sure what to wear to your maternity session, I have some pieces in my client closet you are welcome to borrow. Here, Clare used my purple and yellow gowns. I’m frequently changing dresses out, as well as some body suits for those that want to show a little more skin (think bathing suit style). Not all moms want to be fully covered, once we’re at the studio, and they start to relax and get into the flow of focusing on this miracle, some will wear just a bra and panties, or cover with their husband’s button up shirt, a sweater, kimono or a sweater they find in my client closet.

Just know, that whatever you do, it’s a beautiful moment. One you will look back on when that once tiny being is taking their first steps, saying their first words, or graduating high school. That moment that you only have for a short window, where they needed you for everything.

pregnant mom in yellow gown
maternity photography
maternity photography
pregnant mom in purple dress
Michigan maternity photography
maternity photography

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