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Newborn, Cake Smash, Maternity Photography

This tiny little girl came in for her Macomb Twp newborn session and she was a total rockstar. We had a last minute change of plans with big sister, who caught some germies from daycare. Poppy stayed home with Dad, and Mom and Grandma brought Zoja to the studio. I spent my day focusing only on Zoja. This was so fun, mom loved all the colors, so I planned her session to showcase as many as possible. It’s not often I get to do just baby images. I tried to tie a table backdrop to a prop for each color set. This was such fun and her final gallery was gorgeous.

I couldn’t believe the head of dark hair she had. When I did her big sisters newborn session a couple years ago, she had some hair. But it was so much lighter than Zoja’s.

She slept for a good portion of the session, only waking up a couple times for a quick snack break and then knocking back out for more posing.

Since I wasn’t starting with family and sibling posing, which I usually do a potato wrap for, I decided to go back to my old workflow. We started with froggy, which she completely nailed. Then we did this great wrap and I got to use a brand new bonnet that I got recently. It was so fun doing only one pose on each color backdrop. Which is awesome for great variety, but also it’s a lot of work to swap backdrops out under a sleeping baby. After some bum up posing we wrapped table poses up with sidelay.

After table posing, we did my favorite prop shot, the bucket pose. She was starting to stir at this point, so a quick snack break and potato wrap got her right back to sleep. We got through a few varieties of potato wrap. And by the end she was just about awake, so we did this adorable bed pose, with a tiny little heart. And we wrapped up with some awake photos in a toes out wrap. We caught some great facial expressions in those final moments of her session.

I can’t wait to show you this gallery, enjoy her images from this Macomb Twp newborn session!