Emma was in the studio recently, and I waited forever to finally meet her! A good client of mine contacted me to do a Macomb Newborn Session for her cousins new baby, who was born premature and wouldn’t be able to come to the studio for a bit. It felt like forever, but those 6 weeks went by and the day finally arrived, I’d get to meet the little miracle.

She was one of the tiniest babies I’ve worked with in a long time. Barely topping the scale at 6 lbs she felt like a doll. She was tiny, but she was fierce. She fought me every step of the way. I got to see the side of her that got her so far in her tiny life this far. She had a strong side!

Enjoy these photos of Emma’s Macomb Newborn Session.

froggy pose macomb newborn session
baby girl on pink backdrop
newborn girl with teddy bear
macomb newborn session
newborn girl on purple backdrop. newborn girl in maroon bowl with heart snuggly
macomb newborn session
parents with newborn girl