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When Suzanne first contacted me to be Charlie’s Macomb Newborn Photographer, she was a little nervous about booking her session. Charlie was already two weeks old. Suzanne hadn’t decided until the last minute to move ahead.

I’m so glad she reached out to me. There is a silly industry standard that newborns need to be under 10 or 12 days old to have a successful session. NO WAY!!!!! Now, I do tend to photograph babies that are under two weeks old, but that’s only because I work your session around Dad’s paternity leave.

The truth is, I don’t really think age has anything to do with it. Sure, an 8 week old won’t curl and fold as much as a 2 week old baby. Once they’ve really stretched themselves out, they don’t want to curl back up. But, that doesn’t mean your images will be any less awesome!

As a Macomb Newborn Photographer, sessions are always directed by the baby, some are easy, some have tummy troubles, some are suffering from colic.

We all have a “trick” that we hope is the key to a great session (I hum, people laugh all the time about it, but I really think it works). But, if the baby doesn’t want to cooperate, our session is going to be hard. End of story. The good news? I am super patient, and I will work with your newborn to find what poses are most comfortable for them. We will wait out the gas bubbles, the nursing breaks, the awake times and I will deliver a gorgeous gallery to you!

I assured Suzanne that we would have a great session, I was completely confident that with patience we would have some amazing images for her and her husband Erick to treasure forever.

You know what? Charlie was the most adorable little 3 week old. He was an amazing sleeper, I think if his belly wasn’t bothering him, the session would have flown by. He had a tummy ache, and that never makes for a happy baby. Fortunately my amazing assistant Amber is a pro at the belly rubs. I would pose him, she would rub his belly. We got him settled and she would quickly stop rubbing his belly to get the image and go right back to it before he even knew what happened. And what we ended up with was a beautiful set of photographs, that I am so incredibly proud of.

I always get butterflies when I deliver a gallery, but Suzanne sent me this email:

“Oh Katie!
I cannot even begin to express how much I love these images. I am so so thankful that we went through with the shoot. Having these photos of our tiny little family captured in time is something I will cherish forever. They are truly beautiful!
Thank you so much!

newborn session, baby boy with family, with mom and with dad. Macomb Newborn Photographer

And that folks, makes my heart burst. I love being a Macomb Newborn Photographer. I love working with newborns, meeting new families, hearing the stories that made them parents.

But knowing that I have given families a gift they can always look back on and enjoy, that is what brings me the most happiness. It’s a short window of time when babies curl up and fit in your hands like that. And that’s what I want parents to remember forever.

Enjoy these images from Charlie’s Macomb Newborn Session.

newborn session baby on green baby in black and white.
newborn session baby boy snuggled with mom. Macomb Newborn Photographer
newborn session baby boy on brown backdrop. Macomb Newborn Photographer
newborn session baby boy on green backdrop. Macomb Newborn Photographer
newborn session baby boy in wooden crate with blue blanket. Macomb Newborn Photographer
newborn session baby boy with mom.
newborn session baby boy on dads shoulder.
newborn session baby boy side rolls. Macomb Newborn Photographer
newborn session baby boy snuggled in bed prop with teddy bear.
newborn session baby boy curled up on his back. Macomb Newborn Photographer

Newborn bed prop purchased from Rozzi Rayne