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I can never thank my clients enough for referring me as their Macomb Newborn Photographer. It’s so great hearing “I got your name from a friend, and I just loved the photos you took for them!”.

Molly and I met through a mutual friend, and I photographed her first baby girl, Bridgette. When she emailed me to let me know they were expecting again, and wanted me to be their Macomb Newborn Photographer, I was over the moon excited.

newborn girl with big sister and family photos

Claire brought her “second child sassiness” to the session, wanting to be in charge of how she slept and posed. Good news is my own middle child has prepared me well for that personality! We persevered and let her do her thing until she finally dozed off again. Over the years, I’ve learned that all newborn sessions need to be baby led. Because, in all honesty, there is no convincing a baby to sleep if they don’t want to.

Big sister Bridgette, like many big siblings, wasn’t so keen to participate in any activity that involved the baby. I, however, am not above bribery. And with some luck, and smarties got her to sit there for the adorable bucket photo. We had good luck hiding them in Claire’s wrap, and had Bridgette hunt for them. She smiled when we all cheered like crazy because she found a candy. You do what you gotta do to get the smiles, right?

Macomb Newborn Photographer baby girl session on pink background

We used a lot of yellows in Bridgette’s session, so I made sure to change it up this time, now that they are a family of girls. We used this gorgeous new backdrop from Hello Little Props that’s a nice shade of pink. Then we changed it up and used one of my personal favorite colors, this nice deep green. It’s so fun to use a non traditional girl color. I matched it with a pretty floral wrap for the perfect touch.

We moved on from there to props. Since Claire wasn’t a fan of being to curled up. We went with this pretty bowl, and incorporated a sleepy theme. I had hoped the stars might trick her into a deeper sleep. It didn’t work.

I hope you enjoy some images from the rest of Claire’s session!

newborn girl on green backdrop with floral bucket
baby girl on yellow blanket

The bucket I used in these shots is my absolute favorite one from Hello Little Props!