When I first talked to Grace’s parents, she was a 4 week old newborn and her parents hired me to be her Macomb Newborn Photographer. I was honored and thrilled when they booked me to also be her first year Macomb Milestone Photographer, and am here today to show you what her progression throughout the year looked like, through photos.

The backstory with her newborn session is that Grace’s parents had originally worried they might have waited too long to get her photos done, since she was outside of that first two-week window that everyone usually pushes for. I really love working with older newborns, and I knew I could get at least some regular sleepy images if we were patient enough.

The day came for her session, and they arrived at my house (where my studio was at the time.) That newborn session set a precedent for me; to this day it is one of my favorite newborn sessions. Miss Grace was amazing because she slept, and slept and slept. We got an entire newborn photography session done without so much as a peep coming from her..

I saw her a few times throughout her first year, for an outdoor family session, and holiday minis. When her first birthday session came, I was super excited to use the same neutral theme we had done for her newborn images. I got to use the same headband we had used at her newborn session, and she was just as adorable in it a year later.

Her Mom brought an outfit she was super excited to use from Cora and Violet. She sent me an image of the outfit and I knew right away where it came from. No one can make an outfit the way Cora and Violet does. It was the sweetest little deer and her Mom crafted a headband for her that was perfect.

Grace definitely didn’t love it as much as we did, and we found out we had to be really fast. As soon as it was on her head, she was taking it back off again. But the battle was completely worthwhile.

I’m so thankful for the clients that come back to me over the years. I enjoy watching your kids grow and develop these sweet little personalities that make them unique!

We wrapped up her session with a cake smash. Suprisingly, not all kids love this. It’s always hard to explain, because they seem like they love to make messes in their daily life. But, something about the cake can sometimes really annoy a 1 year old. Grace proved us wrong. She started out being really dainty with her cake (thanks to Amber’s Cakes) but after a few minutes she was smashing it into the floor, and devouring it by the fistful.

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