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My job as a Macomb Michigan Newborn Photographer is insanely rewarding. Not only do I get to snuggle itty bitty newborns. But I get to give parents an amazing gift – the gift of capturing a moment that is so fleeting. Let’s admit it, those first few months of parenthood is hard. You’re exhausted, your brain is foggy, the house is a mess (at least mine always was), you’re always hungry (just me?), and did I mention you’re exhausted!

I know as a mom, I took a million photos of my first child. But my second child was born a short 18 months later, and I was so busy chasing a toddler around that I took almost no photos in those first weeks. Any photos I did take certainly weren’t the adorable photos I can deliver to parents now.

I of course love the poses of just baby, focusing on that button nose, or those tiny fingers. But delivering family images, and sibling images, while they are the hardest part of a session, are the most rewarding. It really shows how tiny they are. How snuggly and curly they can tuck themselves into your hands.

Of course, wrangling a big sibling is always tough. This is where an experienced photographer comes in handy. Some of the magic happens in photoshop after our session together. In Alexander’s case, his big brother was a busy little bee and couldn’t be bothered to sit for our session. So the magic of post production helps!

Enjoy some photos from Alexander’s Macomb Michigan Newborn Photography Session.

macomb newborn session
Macomb Michigan Newborn Photographer
Macomb newborn photography
Macomb newborn session
Macomb baby photography
Macomb Michigan baby session
Macomb Newborn Photographer
Macomb Michigan Newborn Photographer
Macomb Michigan Newborn Photographer

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