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Newborn, Cake Smash, Maternity Photography

This amazing family is back for their third Macomb family session with me. They are so sweet and we have such a fun time together.

I’m always appreciative of them, for not only returning every year, but also because I know it’s not Dad’s favorite thing to do, and he puts up with my shenanigans year after year. He’s surrounded by lovely women and he really does this for them. To leave a legacy of love and adventure with his girls.

I joke with Mom every year that I want her to come style my clients on a regular basis. She has such an amazing eye for color/pattern/texture and they look amazing together year after year. I wish I had that talent, it is such a struggle for me. Every year I understand the troubles of my clients as I pick outfits for my own family. With teenagers, I can’t just grab outfits, each kid has to approve of theirs. Because, you know, what if one of their friends saw one of these images, they can’t be seen in something un-cool!!! How could I do that to them!!!!

We bounced all around the Sheldon Estates at Stoney Creek for their session, from bike paths in the woods, to the steps up by the old estate grounds. The girls are always troopers when it comes to running around, and I appreciate their patience!

Enjoy these family favorites from our Macomb Family Session this year!