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My beautiful niece and her longtime boyfriend got engaged. I’m not their wedding photographer, but I took them out to grab a few Macomb Engagement photos for their save the dates. Of course they asked me who I would trust to photograph their wedding. I didn’t hesitate to recommend Megan and Courtney over at Mulberry and Sage in Port Huron, MI. I knew Kayleigh and Ryan would love them, they are high energy and do amazing work.

We headed over to my favorite Metropark, Stoney Creek. There is just so much variety in a small drive it’s really convenient for couples.

They aren’t really looking for a full session, since they’ll do an engagement session with Mulberry & Sage. So we only went to what is known as the tree spot. It’s just a quick walk from the golf course, and it’s a nice romantic location with beautiful lighting when the sun is out.

In case you are hoping to use this location one day, be sure to plan well. This spot is crazy busy in the fall, and evenings, specifically weekends. So if you are wanting a session here, and it falls in a busy time I’ll probably

Since I know them both so well, we cruised through the posing I wanted to get in no time. And still had time to have some fun together. They are the cutest couple, and really work well together. Watching them try to be serious or flirty caused some great laughs.

Kayleigh is the co-owner of Sugarcoat Nail Loft in Auburn Hills, and Ryan is doing commercial HVAC work. They are planning the wedding of their dreams. I can’t wait to watch their future unfold together.

Take a moment to enjoy their Macomb engagement photos, and hop over to make a nail appointment with Kayleigh!