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I loved that Holden’s parents trusted me to be his Macomb County newborn photographer in September, and am excited to share more of his session on the blog for you today. As a small sidenote, I have noticed that my luck for sleeping babies comes and goes in waves. All of my spring babies that I photographed were lovely sleepers. Then summer rolled around, and that trend came to an abrupt stop, and I had months of awake baby sessions. And Holden here? He was no exception. He didn’t want to even entertain the thought of sleeping peacefully for his photos. But we pushed through, and I was able to capture some adorable images that his family will cherish for years, regardless of his slumber status.

Holden’s nursery is Harry Potter themed, so his mom, Meghan, brought a special outfit for him to wear during his newborn photography session. 

Meghan and Derek found out they were expecting little Holden around Christmas time last year. Meghan had grand plans to wait to come up with an elaborate way to announce her news, but blurted it out excitedly as soon as she found out. Derek happened to be home because he had come down with the flu that day, but he was still super excited, despite being so sick. The two of them found out the sex relatively early on, because they had the genetic blood screen test done. They opened it up in the privacy of their own home and had a special moment celebrating their new son. 

Derek chose the name Holden, and the two of them settled on it being the perfect name for baby about an hour after he was born. Meghan is adjusting into motherhood beautifully, and her best advice that she’s gotten so far is, “sleep when the baby sleeps.” 

Enjoy this small preview into Holden’s session where I was his Macomb County newborn photographer for the day.