Being a Macomb cake smash photographer is a rewarding job. Sometimes these adorable little one year olds like Kylie come in and just woo me. I turn into a puddle of mush for these little ones. It makes me instantly miss the days of my own kids being 1. So much is changing for them, so many emotions, the mood swings. But those little front teeth, and the endless wonder about the world around them. Ugh, I just can’t get enough.

Kylie was a little nervous when she first came in. She was curious, but aware that it was a new place, and I’m a new person. She was going to make me work for her smiles. And they were worth every silly noise. She just had the face of a porcelain doll. She has beautiful dark hair and eyes, and the cutest little button nose. I couldn’t get enough.

Once we hit the cake smash part she was pretty tired. I was nervous that we weren’t going to get very far. But we hung out, she drank a bottle, had a little snack and then was ready to rock. She never did get super into her cake. She was willing to try it, and then she really just wanted to ham it up and be cute.

Enjoy every one of these photos I captured during my time as Kylie’s Macomb Cake Smash Photographer!

Neutral setup lifestyle photography
Bold image with teal wall
Macomb cake smash photographer
Winter onederland cake smash
winter wonderland cake smash
Macomb cake smash photographer
Macomb cake smash photographer