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Today I am sharing with you Liz’s session from when she hired Katie Anton Photography as her Macomb Extended Family Photographer for the evening. Liz’s family lives in Germany, but they have some Michigan roots that run deep because she met her husband while he was working on an assignment here in the states. To prove that we are indeed living in a small world, her husband actually works for the exact company that my husband works for, just located on different continents. 

Liz and her husband got married, and they promptly moved back to Germany, where he is originally from. Liz recently had an adorable baby girl who is now 3 months old, and they all flew back to Michigan everyone could meet the newest addition to the family. Liz was given a gift certificate to use with me to schedule a Macomb Extended Family Photographer for a gifted session. Her childhood best friend had recently used me for her daughter Grace’s Macomb newborn photography session, and I was happy to meet her bestie Liz, and get to capture a new family dynamic and special relationship in timeless photos. I loved seeing how Grace’s mom and Liz remain best friends, even with thousands of miles and an ocean between them. Sarah knew that an extended family photography session would be a special gift.

I always suggest hiring a professional photographer to document those extended family get togethers, even with everyone having an iPhone in their pockets, because it takes the stress off of people completely and allows them to relax and enjoy the moment and time spent with family, rather than rushing to make sure that they achieved all the poses they wanted. (Not to mention having to deal with sketchy phone photo quality which is completely hit or miss.)

I loved getting to know Liz and her family when I was their Macomb Extended Family Photographer, and hope you enjoy this small preview into their special session.