Joey’s Kangaroo cake smash was a riot. Of course, like all one year old’s, Joey did only what he wanted to do. Which was snuggle mom.

This particular Kangaroo cake smash had us jumping all over the place to get Joey to smile. Of course, I have no doubt he is full of smiles at home. But today, he was not feeling it. We worked hard today, and I’m sure his mom will love these final images. But it’s hard when Mom’s want those cute dimples to come out and shine, and their adorable little one year old just won’t have any of it.

That’s exactly how our day went with Joey. Now, I think he did great. Because I work with 1 year old’s often, and I know how it goes. They are learning their independence, and tend to be headstrong. But also, they are nervous, and learning about themselves and what they are comfortable with. When kids come in, I try to make the studio a relaxing, fun experience. But often, no matter our best effort, it’s an overwhelming experience. A lot of expectations are put on them.

Joey was feeling a little clingy, and wanted to sit in mom’s arms. That was his comfort zone. While Mom was holding Joey, he felt relaxed and comfortable. Sadly, that makes a cake smash tough.

I came home feeling sad for mom that she was so worried we didn’t capture any smiles. But I felt so good after going through his gallery I really did get some great smiles. And I know mom will love his sweet little serious face just as much as the smiles. Joey’s Kangaroo cake smash was a success. Maybe it didn’t come in the easy format we always hope for. But patience always pays off, with a little encouragement, we will balance out the serious with the silly, and capture the true personality of a 1 year old. A perfect little mix of both sides of every growing child.