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Newborn, Cake Smash, Maternity Photography

Mia came to the studio for her pink and gold Minnie cake smash. When her dad showed me the dress she would be wearing I knew I’d have to take my girlie side to a whole new level. This wasn’t going to be your average smash, this was going to be classy with a touch of fun.

When sweet little Mia arrived she was a little apprehensive about everything. Her dads said she was getting molars in, and just getting over an ear infection. So it was a rough day for her, and it was about to be a rough session for all of us.

Like all one year old’s, Mia comes with a fully grown attitude. She was not interested in wearing this gorgeous dress. I guess she’s more of a tom boy than anyone anticipated!

However, she quickly went downhill and we just weren’t able to pull the session together the way everyone hopes. I will give her some credit, she was a trooper. No matter how sad or upset she felt she kept sneaking a bite of her cake. She gave a few small smiles. But all in all she wanted to snuggle with Dad. Who could blame her, snuggles with parents is the best spot when you are uncertain.

I love how this pink and gold cake smash came together in the end. The gold curtains add so much sparkle. But my favorite part is the paper globes dangling from the ceiling. I love how they add so much dimension. It was a last minute add on, I had wanted to incorporate them in the set, and couldn’t find a spot for them that I loved. So I figured I’d give it a try and I love the final result!

Enjoy her final gallery, I know I love how it all came together in the end!