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How important is including family in newborn sessions?

I tell all of my newborn clients that it’s a personal choice on whether or not you do parent photos or sibling photos. If it’s left up to me I say you definitely should. Those memories aren’t something you can go back to replicate. I don’t even care if you come without makeup and in your sweats. We are all tired in those newborn stages aren’t we? The most important part is creating those memories for our kids. Who we are, getting our faces in those images with our kids.

Including family poses in the newborn session really shows off how tiny that new baby is. I love having parents hold and snuggle with them. Those few weeks where they can sit in your hands are so short. Before we know it, in a whirlwind of sleepless nights, they’re babies that fill our arms and hearts with their growing body.

I love the new internet treads of recreating older family photos with kids. But in order to recreate those memories we need to start with them as young babies. It all becomes part of our legacy, part of our family.

Each pose is so intentional to the family member, I love baby cradled in dad’s arm. Snuggled against mom’s shoulder. And wrapped in a sibling hug. To me they are all unique and adorable on their own. But all together, in an album or a series on the wall tell a story of that little baby. How they are surrounded by loving family members that are there to watch out for them.

I think including family in newborn sessions should really be a part of your story that you choose to include. I’d love to talk more about your images, and how you’d like to document your own family.