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Newborn, Cake Smash, Maternity Photography

Nolan’s dad requested a hunting cake smash theme for his first birthday. I’ve often over the years chatted with him about hunting, and growing up a hunter. My son feels like he has a big passion for hunting, and his birthday meal request every year is venison.

Do you know how hard it can be to find venison when you aren’t a hunting family? It’s not easy. I’ve even bartered sessions in the past for venison specifically for his birthday meal! That’s the lengths I go to. We’ve gotten lucky so far. This past year his request extended past his birthday to our annual camping trip, he wanted to bring some with him to cook on a campfire. I have to admit, it was delish, but what are the chances that will be a yearly thing? I dont know.

Anyways. Back to Nolan. I really thought he would be the kid to dive face first in the cake and not come up for air until it was gone. But I stand corrected. He wouldn’t hardly touch it. He’s the second child, they are always the wild and crazy one. The one that eats all the foods, tries all the ways to give your parents a heart attack, like jumping off the back of a couch when no one is there to catch you.

Come on. That can’t just be my second child is it?

Either way, Nolan wasn’t having it. No matter what we tried. Fortunately he was willing to hang out and let me get some photos of him on the set. But no cake could be involved. Oh well. It sure was a cute hunting cake smash setup wasn’t it?