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Want to learn how to prepare for your newborn session? You’ve come to the right place! I’ve been a newborn photographer for over 10 years and I’ll be happy to help you set up for success!

At my studio, I have all the items we need for your session. Backgrounds, props, hats, headbands, wraps, tiny snuggle items. You don’t have to bring anything for the session itself. If you have a personal piece that you’d like to incorporate it’s always a great idea to talk about it with your photographer. Some items are harder to pose a newborn with. So it’s always nice to give us a heads up on things you might be bringing. I suggest parents limit their sentimental items to just one or two things depending on what they are.

I try really hard to keep my prep guide very simple for parents. Since sessions start in the morning, I always suggest you get up, change and feed baby, then give them a nice warm bath. It helps them to be alert for a little while before they get here. After a soothing bath, an outfit that zips or buttons up instead of pulling over their head. Then a quick milk top off, and into the car you go. The car ride will hopefully help them fall fast asleep on their way into the studio.

Things to bring with you

Sometimes this seems the most obvious, but it’s the easiest to forget. The night before your session double check your diaper bag. Bring a spare outfit (good idea to bring Mom and Dad a spare change of clothes also). Diapers, wipes, bottles and formula (or expressed milk) if your bottle-feeding. Any personal care or recovery items that Mom might need while you are here. If you need to finish getting ready when you arrive, bring your makeup, or just a little lip gloss if you are more of a natural skinned mama. Maybe toss some snacks in your bag also, you’re here for a few hours, and you never know when hunger strikes!

I would suggest bringing a pacifier. Even if baby isn’t using one, they will someone take to it at the studio for comfort sucking while we transition between poses. Sometimes they’ll fuss as we move them around, and a pacifier solves a lot of problems. I have factory sealed brand new paci’s here at the studio in case you forget one, or in case you don’t use one at home but are ok with using one if needed here.

When you arrive I have breakfast waiting for you, because you’ve had a busy morning already getting out the door. While it’s a good idea to bring your water jug, we have bottled water in the fridge, and a coffee maker as well.

Most important advice I have for you? Don’t worry!! That’s it. Everything is going to work out great. The session will run exactly how it was meant to, and your images will be beautiful, even if baby is wide awake. It happens. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a couple hours of watching the magic unfolds at your newborn session!

Hope my tips on how to prepare for your newborn session were helpful! If you are thinking about booking a newborn session, reach out, let’s connect and talk about your session!