I got double the time with this stinker as her Harrison Twp Newborn photographer. She thought that one session wasn’t going to be good enough, she wanted two!

It doesn’t happen often that I absolutely struggle to get a baby to sleep or be calm. I’m a big advocate for following a baby’s lead. I’m a patient person, and fully understand that I can’t force a newborn to cooperate. I’ll try to work through some posing while they’re awake. But for the most part I’d rather wait them out and let them be alert until they fall asleep. That’s when the real magic happens.

Emma however, she did sleep. At all. I don’t think she enjoyed her time with me, as much as I enjoyed my time with you. I couldn’t help but laugh, because every time I talked she gave me the side eye warning like “don’t you touch me”. She wanted to be awake, and stretch, and fidget, and do just about anything that wasn’t helpful. I swear the cutest babies are always so much work! They bring their own attitudes that are much bigger than they are.

It was a long session, and we got great images through most of it, but in the end there was a few parent poses that we just couldn’t get. So we rescheduled for another day that following week. I left the session feeling so bummed that we couldn’t get them all. I hate feeling like I’ve let someone down, even though it was a totally out of my control situation.

But I came into the second session positive and excited. Only to meet Emma’s dislike for me. Again. I am so glad we did give it a second try though, I love the parent images we got, and it was totally worth it! I wish I had captured her side eye look at me. It was awesome and had me laughing. Don’t worry Emma, I won’t take it personally. I hope you enjoy my company more at your 6 month session!

Enjoy her adorable images from (both) her Harrison Twp Newborn session!