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Newborn, Cake Smash, Maternity Photography

Amelia was at the studio today for her Happy Bee-Day Cake Smash! This is a setup I haven’t done in a while, and I’m so excited to bring it back. It’s such a fun theme, and perfect for those fall birthdays.

To say this little girl was adorable just doesn’t do her justice. She gets her beauty from her parents, just look at them! Her parents were so fun to hang out with. They are just nice people. I truly love learning about each of my clients and I had so much fun chatting with them. And they absolutely doted on her, and in return she loved them back. There was no smile brighter than the ones she gave her mom and dad.

She strutted her little self around the studio in this adorable cream dress mom brought in for her. I love the little personalities they develop. She had moments of big smiles and moments of uncertainty. But we persevered and her gallery is just gorgeous.

Amelia couldn’t decide if she wanted cake or snuggles more. She traded her time between the two. She’d eat a few bites of cake, and then want a snuggle, only to go back for more cake. We finally busted the spoon out so she could play with that. A spoon always gives me a few extra images when kids feel like they are done making a mess. She definitely took a few bites, but had way more fun smearing it on her face! She had big clumps of frosting all over her!

I know her mom wanted a few extra smiles, but she was just determined to enjoy her cake without the performance. I’ve had so many kids lately that just didn’t want to smile! And she’s perfectly adorable with her serious face too. Amelia came, got messy and then she was ready to be done. Who can argue with that!

Without further wait, enjoy Amelia’s Happy Bee-Day Cake Smash images! This yellow just brightened my day, I hope it brings you a smile as well!