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This beautiful mama just glowed for her Grosse Pointe Shores maternity session. I’ve known Theresa for many years, she is a teacher at my kids elementary school.

She’s just the kindest soul. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve vented to her about kids, school, life. I know that when my kids need someone she is there to have their backs. And when I need someone to talk me down off a ledge she is the first to call me and help with a level head. My favorite part of her teaching is how much organization she incorporates into their year. She and her teaching partner work hard to give kids the skills to organize their work and their school life. I have one kid that loves to be organized, and she thrived. And one kid that has zero organizational skills and really learned a lot.

She and her husband have been trying for a while now, and they’re so excited to welcome their baby girl into their home. I’m so excited to watch Theresa transition from mom to classrooms full of kids to a mom of her own baby girl. She’s an absolute natural and her little girl is already so loved.

We threw this session together at the last minute, because honestly, doesn’t summer just fly by? I knew early on in her pregnancy and we still waited until the last minute for this. So I had to laugh when she came in with a bag full of clothes. In the end we mixed and matched her outfits and some of the dresses in my client closet.

Enjoy Theresa’s Grosse Pointe Shores maternity session gallery. And don’t forget to come back and see her baby girls newborn session! I need to find an adorable little elementary school setup, don’t you think?