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Newborn, Cake Smash, Maternity Photography

This fishing cake smash was so much fun. Michael’s dad is an avid fisherman, so mom requested we showcase that for Michaels birthday celebration.

I’ve had my eye on this adorable backdrop for ages, and jumped on the chance to purchase it for our session. I love beginning my base setup with a printed backdrop, it adds so much to a set. This is almost completely a backdrop, can you believe it? I added a few additional greens just to help it flow but I didn’t have to do that much!

Now like all cake smash sets, we begin with optional family images (parents/siblings and birthday child). Then we capture a few of the birthday boy all by himself. I love these because not everyone wants a fishing themed photo printed on their wall right? So these non themed photos are great for printing and displaying. After that we move into the cake portion. I try to move the session along fairly quickly. If you are planning a cake smash, or have ever parented a one year old, you know their attention span is almost non existent. I don’t want them to be tired or cranky by the time we get to the cake.

Now Michael like most one year olds wasn’t super interested in his fishing theme cake smash. He played in the cake a few minutes, but then just wanted to explore. But he was willing to play with his parents, and that’s how most of the mess actually happened. Sometimes kids will be super upset to be brought back to the cake repeatedly, but not Michael. He giggled and laughed and smushed it some more before wandering off again.

Because of this we ended up getting some really great images, enjoy!