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There is no better smell than fresh donuts in the studio. It’s intoxicating. So I’m sure you can imagine how great the place smelled today! Why do I have an army’s worth of donuts in the studio? Poppy came in to celebrate her first birthday, and we’re doing a donut smash! I can’t believe how big she is now!

Poppy definitely had a preference for the donuts with sprinkles. Me to girl, those are always the ones I reach for first. But she was fair, and took a bite out of all the options. You know, to make sure the sprinkles were in fact superior.

Donuts are so fun for a first birthday. I really think that kids enjoy being able to hold them. Though I have had a kid or two pick up a cake and hold it. All one year old’s are learning their independence. So donuts are great for the “I do it myself” attitude! Plus, two is always better than one, and holding two donuts is better than one cake, right?

First Birthday Donut Smash
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