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Newborn, Cake Smash, Maternity Photography

We are deep in the heart of fall family session season. That’s a tongue twister isn’t it? Life is busy, everyone is thinking ahead to their yearly Christmas card. We are all anticipating the cooler weather and changing leaves. If I had to pick a cooler season to be my favorite it would be fall. But ultimately, my heart will always belong to summer.

Emmy is turning two this year, and she is back with her parents for a fall family session. We headed to the tree spot at Stoney Creek this time to change it up from the spot we used last year. Emmy smiled and chatted with me all the way to the tree spot. But the second we got there, she decided to clam up and make me work hard. The good news is always that she was as cute as a button, and worth the work.

I did get some smiles, but they were fleeting. We walked, and explored, she is so curious. Last year she was so timid and hardly left her parents. This year she was running off in front of us, and playing hide and seek in the trees. It’s always so fun to watch the babies I knew as newborns growing up and blossoming into their own unique personality. Emmy knows what she wants, and what she’s willing to do.

In the end I’m pretty sure her parents are going to love what we captured. I hope you enjoy this fall family session. If you need me, I’ll probably be behind on my email, and elbow deep in editing gorgeous sessions of one type or another. Anyone have a great tv show they’re watching? I love something I can listen to but don’t have to heavily invest in watching it, since I’m staring at a computer screen to edit. I also love podcasts, true crime in particular. So if you have any suggestions be sure to leave them below for me to check out!