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Every photographer has their favorite genres they prefer to capture. For me, newborn and extended family sessions are at the top of my list.

There is something so fun about extended family sessions. The laughs, a lifetime of love and support. For Danielle’s family it was for a different reason (in addition to all of the ones above). Danielle’s sister and her family are moving to Germany. And this is the last visit for a while.

We met, of course, at my favorite spot inside Stoney Creek Metro park. And our time together flew by so fast. I took extra time to make sure we got every combination we could squeeze out of them. Even the two brother in laws took some time to have fun with it. I love a group that can let loose and enjoy themselves, and I hope the brother in law photo ends up on a Christmas card!

In this industry, there is no office mate, no gossip over the water cooler. It’s a much more lonely and hectic life as the self employed. I am your contact person from start to finish. I am so grateful for the network of local photographers I’ve met over the years. Some of my greatest friendships, the people I fall back on when I’m most overwhelmed, have come from the photography industry. So when Lindsey of Lindsey Garland Photography reached out to say she had sent a favorite client of hers my way for this special session. I was honored. That she thought of me, that she trusted me to do their extended family session justice.

Enjoy these images we captured of their extended family session.

extended family sessions
extended family sessions
grandparents at session
Great grandparents with their great grandkids
family grouping
family grouping at session
parents with their adult daughters