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Every extended family session brings its own brand of unique in front of my camera. And Jill’s session is no different. When she called me, she said that her mom needed to update some artwork, and they hadn’t had a group photo of the grandkids done since they were little kids. This sounded like good fun, and I wanted to be part of the action in creating this memory for them.

We arrived to a cute little park in Clarkston named Depot Park. As you can imagine I was a little nervous dragging a bunch of teenagers out of bed. But everyone arrived excited and ready to have fun. I found myself really enjoying my time with them. Since they were all older kids, I didn’t have to make any of my silly animal noises or fart jokes. Everyone stood, looked, smiled and interacted. It was a dream session. We were in and out in no time at all.

While I never got the chance to talk to Grandma, I hear she loved the photos. This is the one she chose to hand on her wall.

extended family session

We worked to get every possible combination of kids that we could, and we had a blast hanging out. They made my job so fun and easy.

As much as I love traditional extended family sessions, I might offer more of these “grandkids only” sessions. I know my mom would love it.

Enjoy some more from our extended family session.

sister photo
extended family sessions photo of siblings
extended family session
cousins photo
extended family session brothers photo
cousins photo
candid cousins photo
extended family session