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2020 changed a lot of things for families. Including the way we visit each other. I have had an uptick in extended family photos this year as groups are reuniting. For the Moore family, Mr and Mrs are celebrating a milestone anniversary. Mrs Moore wanted to gather the kids and grandkids and get some updated photos as well as do dinner as a group.

I happen to know the Moore’s well. I went to high school with her sons and one of her daughters in law. Since I’m old I’ve known them a long time. Even though we occasionally see Ray and Erica, it was so nice to see Ray’s parents. I haven’t seen them in years.

We had so much fun together. The kids even challenged the adults to goofy photos. It took some convincing to get Ray and Mike to do piggy back rides, but we broke them down. Laughs were shared, and it just felt so nice to catch up.

Enjoy their extended family photos!

extended family photos
extended family photos
family photos, kids in focus
grandparents with the grandkids
family photos at extended family session
kids being silly at family photos
boy in white button up
girl in blue dress
family photos at extended family session
kids running around at photo session
boy in white button up shirt
girl in blue dress
parents with their grown sons
parents with their sons and daughters in law
adult siblings with families
girls and guys photos at extended family photos
families being silly
young cousins
ring around the rosie