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Newborn, Cake Smash, Maternity Photography

Sauyer was back for his dinosaur cake smash session. He’s so big and his personality just bubbles over. He has the greatest faces, and I love the little nose scrunch!

Parents are responsible for bringing the kids outfits, and when his mom pulled out this adorable little dinosaur costume I knew we needed a photo of him. He crawled around and roared. Definitely the cutest little dinosaur I’ve ever seen at the studio!

Our custom dinosaur themed cake smash is completed with wood dinosaurs I picked up at hobby lobby, a custom assortment of matching balloons, some plants to add to that Jurassic age feeling, and of course a cake from Amber’s Cakes!

boy in blue shirt standing by brown chair
boy in blue shirt sitting on bed
boy in dinosaur costume
boy in green suspenders, dinosaur shirt sitting on chair
boy eating a cake in front of dinosaur cut outs
cake smash setup dinosaur cake smash
dinosaur cake smash
one year old cake smash
boy with cake everywhere around him
toes with cake smashed in them