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Back in December, I was able to meet up with Eliza and her mom again. I cannot believe how quickly those 6 months had passed. Now it was time for me to transition from being her newborn photographer, to being her Metro Detroit 6 month photographer. This type of session is often times referred to as “milestone session” within the photography realm. It’s a common stage in life to revisit with a photographer and have a new session. After all, so much has changed in those short 6 months! 

Your baby is now probably well on their way to sitting unassisted, and also gives some pretty great gummy smiles. Their little personalities are really starting to show, and having a 6 month session really showcases that, and lets it shine organically. 

Eliza’s mom wanted to continue on the “jewel tone” theme that they had during her newborn session. Since she turned 6 months during the holiday season, I decided to play up the maroon color, along with some understated greenery as well. Her bedroom is done in white shiplap, so tying those together for this session was also a little nod to her personal bedroom decor. 

Eliza showed up and was generally a happy little girl, but wasn’t chock full of smiles that day. That’s totally fine with me, and her mommy too. Her big bright eyes and giant cheeks really steal the show anyways. 

Typical baby milestone sessions include up to 4 sessions. The first is at 3 months (when baby can smile), then 6 months (when they can sit & smile), 9 months (when they are crawling) and then 1 year (for their birthday session and/or cake smash!) 

These “sitter sessions” are quickly becoming my favorite type, because I cannot resist seeing these babes again and getting rewarded with a gigantic gummy smile. It melts my heart!

I hope you enjoy this preview into when I was Eliza’s Metro Detroit 6 month photographer. I look forward to seeing her again for her cake smash session in June!