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A Cranbrook maternity session has been on my bucket list for some time. But historically speaking they were a big no, they just didn’t allow professional photographers on the grounds. Over the years I’ve had so many clients want to go there. I didn’t think it would happen for Melissa either, and then while I was trying to find her another location with flowers, Cranbrook made a huge announcement. They were opening up their grounds on a permit basis, but we would be allowed in!

I couldn’t wait to tell her, and she and her husband were so excited. They called immediately and booked their permit. Of course, they didn’t have permits available for the date we had originally chosen, so we rescheduled for their first available date.

The day came for our session, and nature just didn’t cooperate. It was downpouring out. So we rescheduled.

And it rained again. So we rescheduled. Again.

Finally, a day that wasn’t raining. But boy was it warm, and so humid. So humid. By the time we left the gardens I felt like I’d gone for a swim, I was so sweaty.

But the grounds are beautiful. They’re so well manicured. The permits are for a 2 hour time frame, and at first I was nervous, my maternity sessions are an hour. But by the time we did all the walking to reach every corner of the grounds, two hours had flown by.

It was really important for Melissa to go to the sunken garden, and the Japanese gardens. I really looked forward to the reflecting pool. But along the way around we found beautiful fountains, expansive stair cases and tons of expansive lawns.

I really enjoyed our Cranbrook maternity session adventure, and I can’t wait to use it for future sessions! I can’t wait to see if we can incorporate this maternity session into her newborn session!