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Newborn, Cake Smash, Maternity Photography

Zackary and his adorable duo of sisters were in today to celebrate his Chesterfield Sitter session. I have been looking forward to seeing him again since his newborn session. I am working on stocking some new art samples at the studio, and one of the images I ordered was of the three kids together from his newborn session.

Zackary isn’t quite sitting on his own yet, so we used a few props to help him stay upright. I love using a big bucket or bowl to give them a little extra support. It gives them something to do with their hands, and a little confidence boost to give me extra smiles.

I wanted to make sure to get a sibling photo, so we started with that. He’s a lot bigger than he was at his newborn session and his oldest sister struggled to keep him upright! He was resisting her a lot more this time around. He got tired of me pretty quickly. So we grabbed some of him on the bed laying on his tummy and his back. He loved his toes so I captured him playing with those adorable little piggies.

We ended our session in my large moses basket. Mom had a beautiful sage green outfit for him, and it looked awesome in the basket with neutral colors surrounding him. He couldn’t quite figure out what was going on, he gave his abs a workout trying to sit up again. I got his sisters involved one more time with him as he laid in the basket. I just wanted them to sit with him and look at him. However, they love him so much they couldn’t help but snuggle and touch him. It was adorable and I’m sure Mom will love their photos.

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