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Sara was in to the studio this weekend for her Chesterfield maternity session at my studio.

What a whirlwind summer its been. Does everyone go into summer vacation with their kids thinking it will be smooth sailing? I always kid myself thinking I’ll tackle my to do list. The kids will finally help me clean the house and do some of the things that I’m falling behind on. And then summer comes, and it goes by so fast! Where do the days go? I need at least another 6 hours in my day to tackle life.

I had a busy Saturday, a few sitter sessions, Sara’s maternity, a family session, and an engagement session. And then I set days aside after long work days to do the editing. But inevitably the kids need things, or want to be driven to friends houses, or off to the movies. I have one kid in physical therapy, one in marching band, golf lessons, archery lessons. It never stops. What was I thinking, telling myself I’d have days to edit at my computer.

I love spending my day at the studio, meeting kids and parents. It’s such a fun time to commiserate with you all. I feel more normal knowing it’s not just me.

Sara is just glowing, and I absolutely love this blue dress she brought in for her session. The color was stunning against her beautiful hair. My daughter has hair the same color, and I love when she wears those beautiful jewel tones. It makes the red hair totally pop. I’m sure Sara gets compliments everywhere she goes, just like my daughter does.

I hope you love the images Sara picked from her Chesterfield maternity gallery, I can’t wait to share them when her baby is born and they join me for her newborn session!