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Newborn, Cake Smash, Maternity Photography

It’s so fun to have Mila back at the studio to celebrate with a cake smash session. She is growing so much, but still has the most beautiful head of hair.

Mila was not very interested in her cake smash session. As is with many one year old’s right now, they’ve spent a lot of one on one time with Mom and Dad these last few months. The stranger danger is strong with 1 year old’s right now.

A lot of parents hope their kids come in all smiley and bubbly to their cake smash session. However, I personally love the serious faces they give me.

Toddlers have the most innocent eyes, always wondering, always thinking. It may not be the smile you hope for, but it’s probably a really good representation of who they are at this age. And one day you’ll miss those serious eyes that always look to you for guidance, love, and assurance that they are ok.

In a world to big for them to understand, they study us, and how we react, and they follow suit.

It’s ok to encourage a smile, but remember, they are nervous. Pressuring them to smile, or pushing to hard might just cause some tears to flow. I am always understanding and patient, if we have to sit and play with blocks for a few minutes, or have a snack, or drink of water, that’s ok with me. No need to rush them.

When they are ready, they’ll participate and smile and giggle.

So don’t worry while you’re at the studio, we have time. I have time, and I’m happy to hang out to let them get used to their surroundings.

Lucky for me, Mila’s mom, Mona, was more than happy to sit with her until she was comfortable and ready to dive into her cake. In the end, both ended up covered in cake!

When I delivered her gallery, Mona and I both agree, the images of them covered in cake together are our favorites. I never would have expected that I’d love to watch them interact so much.

It was fun watching Mila start to relax, and enjoy herself. In between snuggles it was nice for me to catch up with her parents.

floral cake smash session
Cake smash Session
cake smash
Cake smash Session
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Cake smash Session
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first birthday session
Mt Clemens Cake smash Session
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