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I switched up my usual setup for todays Bumble Bee Cake Smash. Today we celebrated Grayson and his first birthday. Since my typical set is very flowery, I swapped it out for a new backdrop and some new pieces that felt so cute for this adorable little boy!

Grayson was just as serious as my last few one year old’s, but wait till I tell you how I ended up winning him over!

I was so excited when I walked into my local Michael’s and their spring line had so many cute bumble bee things! I don’t know about you, but I could walk the isles of those craft stores all day and find the cutest things. Don’t even get me started. I am always so grateful that I get to do these cake smash sessions for a living. It gives me a creative outlet for all the adorable things I buy.

Grayson’s parents were so adorable. They were so patient with him as he adjusted to the studio. He ate his cake a little in the beginning, and then he was just determined to look out the window with his Dad.

How to win over a 1 year old

I won him over in the end. How did I do that, you ask? The bathtub. I never put a ton of water into the tub, but just enough to cover their legs so they can stay warm while splashing. Grayson was so determined to get all the water out of the tub he barely looked up. He was having an absolute blast kicking and splashing. The entire floor was soaked. There was just puddles of water everywhere. He had so much fun, I was so glad it snapped him out of his frosting induced funk.

This Bumble Bee cake smash was a complete hit in the end, we laughed our way through it. Grayson’s full personality came out, and his parents learned a big lesson. Not to add any extra water to the bath at home, unless the bathroom floor needs a good wash!

bumble bee cake smash
bumble bee cake smash