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Newborn, Cake Smash, Maternity Photography

This blue balloon garland really gave me a hard time. I don’t know why they were feeling so temperamental. But apparently my balloons were having a bad day. They didn’t want to cooperate, kept popping on me, weren’t sticking to the glue dots. It felt like one thing after another. I always like to give myself a couple hours to assemble garlands because I like them to look a specific way. And I really cut it down to the wire on this one. I was just finishing it up as they were walking in for Luca’s session.

Sweet little Luca. He really didn’t want to play with his smash cake at all. But he has a serious interest in that balloon garland. It caught his eye immediately and no matter how much we tried to get him into the cake, he only had eyes for those balloons.

Switching up the routine

We tried all the usual tricks to get him into the cake, and finally caved and brought out this little bathtub that I got from Denny Mfg. This was the biggest hit for Luca. He had a blast. He laughed, and splashed, he became the biggest ham. Even remembering his session brings smiles to my face.

I think his parents were just a smidge nervous when they left. All parents are hopeful that their one year old will enjoy themselves. I always try and stress, all kids are different. Not all love cake, or being in the spotlight. Sometimes they’re teething, their nap routine is changing, some days are just rough. But I love each and every cake smash, even if the kids don’t smile. I love their unique personalities, and how much they will dig in when they don’t want to cooperate. It’s what makes each child so fun and unique!

Luca is modeling one of my outfits that’s in my client closet for your child to wear at their session if you’d like. It’s nice and easy for you, no laundry after 🙂

blue balloon garland
blue balloon garland