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Sweet, very awake little Elias came to the studio for his Bloomfield Twp Newborn session today. Yup, he couldn’t get enough of me, we literally spent almost all day together. My string of awake newborns continues. It’s always cute babies that give me the most trouble. Why is that?

We started with some family portraits as I like to. He took a little bit to soothe to sleep. I ended up taking an impromptu break to wrap him to get him into a sleepy mood. This worked great, he was instantly asleep once he was snuggled up. This got us through the rest of parent poses pretty quick.

It wasn’t even so much that Elias stayed awake, he was just very touchy. He wanted me to stop messing with his fingers. But he also didn’t want me to let go of putting pressure on him while I posed him. I needed 12 sets of hands for him. It was quite an adventure to get him into the perfect position, and then get myself into position to take the photo. He liked to wait until just before I took the photo to move his hands or feet.

His mom and dad picked beautiful shades of greens, blues, and browns for his session. I started with a brand new flokati rug I got, and paired it with a matching knit sleeper outfit.

Then we moved into a basket pose, in a prop I don’t use often, I loved it with this green leaf backdrop. It’s been a popular choice for parents, and I like to change up how I use it between sessions so I keep my galleries unique. We then moved into a more traditional bucket. I went with a honeybucket look to tie in the browns I used on the posing table. While he was sleeping I busted out my macro lens for an adorable image of those little milia spots on his nose. I love featuring those unique traits that are only visible for a short amount of time. While I did those macros, I took advantage of him bring wrapped to capture mom’s gorgeous wedding ring in his toes.

I wrapped up his session on a blue backdrop. And even got to teach dad how to spot me for froggy pose. I am always all about safe posing. And froggy is usually one I can get myself while still supporting baby the way I need to. But Elias was so sensitive to touch, that I wanted to make sure we covered all our bases. I tought dad how to support his head for the second image I need to finish off froggy pose. He nailed it. Giving us the most adorable little froggy pose.

Of course once I got him to sleep, I figured we might as well try a few more. We’d been at it for hours as it was, and this was the deepest sleep he’d been in all day. I was able to cruise through bum up and forward facing poses!

Enjoy each and every one of these poses that we worked so hard for! It makes each and every one more amazing to me. Enjoy Elias’ Bloomfield Twp newborn session gallery!