Welcome to Sofia’s Berry First Birthday Cake Smash Session!!! I absolutely love this setup. Who doesn’t love any sign of summer? And what’s better than strawberries!!!

As always, this naked cake is from Amber’s Cakes in Sterling Heights. If you have cookie or cake needs, send her a message!

I really struggled when I started designing this setup. Of course it would include a balloon garland. But I felt so restricted at first, I usually let my creativity fly. But when I’m only decorating with strawberries, it felt constricted.

So I went on a shopping spree and bought a bunch of stuff that felt like it might work. And then I unloaded it all at the studio, sat on the floor, and hoped inspiration would hit me.

Once I started, it just flowed. I began with the balloons, shaping them to be what I wanted them to look like. I love the giant mylar strawberry balloon, it adds such flair! What I really lacked with everything being so tiny, is height. So I grabbed a chair to hold up my sign, and some plants and berries. It was a perfect addition. A crate, some strawberries in containers and some little vases with strawberry flowers.

All that was left was the cute little cake topper. It was absolute perfection. As I sat and admired the cute-ness of it. Sofia’s family came in. Her mom and dad were in love with it. You know who wasn’t? Sofia! Now in all fairness, that’s jumped ahead a little. We started with some family photos to commemorate her first year. A few of her and big brother, and a couple by herself.

Kid: 1 Cake: 0

But. Once we moved onto cake, she wouldn’t have it. She cried, she ran off, she looked at it like it was slime and the grossest thing she’s ever considered touching.

My heart dropped. It’s not the first time that a one year old didn’t want to mess with a cake. But I knew mom was devastated. She’s been planning this for a year! We took a break, dad ran and got some lunch for her, she sat on mom’s lap and drank a bottle, ate a chicken nugget. But in the end, she still wouldn’t consider it.

Now personally, I think this Berry First Birthday Cake Smash was still the best. It was a cute setup, a cute kiddo. And I know I got cute photos. Despite what happened behind the scenes, it turned out great, and mom is going to love these photos in the end!!!