A new baby joins the family and baby makes 5! This little girl is the calm sibling among her active brother and sister. But it was clear that in the chaos, they all adore her so much.

Since we had just done her big sisters newborn session last year, Mom asked we change up her session colors. Which is great, I have had such a long string of baby boys, I was so excited to use some girly colors. I incorporated some florals, some neutrals, pinks, purples.

As always we started with family photos. These are always toughest on kids, so I like to get them underway right off the bat. I couldn’t even believe how well the kids did. I’ve been photographing them throughout the years, and they really are always great. They are just busy little kids that love coming to the studio and exploring more than sitting still and smiling. But Tinsley, big sister, was the one I worried about most. At just over a year old, she didn’t care to smile all that much at her cake smash. Still, we managed to get a few smiles out of her anyways. I tell all parents, sometimes it’s just a lot for them, I’ll take a serious face over crying! And she didn’t cry once, she actually smiled more than I expected.

And baby makes 5!

Some families just make cute babies, I don’t know how they win that genetic lottery, but these kids have been cute since day 1. And Gianna is no different. Gosh, she’s just got great skin, ten tiny toes and fingers, and the perfect amount of hair.