This adorable little girl came to the studio to celebrate her first birthday with an Alice in Wonderland cake smash.

When I first met Alyssa and her parents at their planning session, she immediately had my attention. She is perfection, those chocolate brown eyes, and sweet little curls. Along with that came this very serious little face. Alyssa spent our time trying to figure me out.

Her cake smash was no different. She spent her session trying to figure me out. She was so busy taking the studio in that she never cracked a smile. Lucky for her, she has the best serious expression.

I’ve done an Alice in One-derland cake smash before, so I try to not replicate these setups to much. I had to change a few things up, starting with a new backdrop. A few new props added in, and I hung a few cards from the ceiling for depth. I am so happy with this setup, it’s just gorgeous.

I ordered my Alice dress from Etsy, it was beautifully made and really was the cherry on top of this session.

Alyssa may not have smiled much, but she did enjoy her cake. At first she wasn’t to sure, which is so typical of one year old’s. But we gave her a spoon to break the ice (or the frosting) and she loved it. She couldn’t scoop the frosting up fast enough.

While the frosting went over great, she was less sure about the bath tub. But she held it together with mom’s help, and spent a few minutes splish splashing in the tub.

All in all her Alice in Wonderland cake smash is ranking as one of my favorite cake smash’s from recent months. Alyssa was so good for us, and we truly enjoyed our time with her. I can’t wait to see which images her parents choose in their final gallery!