Sweet little Delilah is growing into such a big girl, and she was in for her 9 month session today. Although the last time I saw her she was just barely sitting up on her own, now she is crawling and standing like a girl with places to go!

My client closet

Her mom chose some outfits out of my client closet. I have a stock of choices for you to use in your sessions too. And the best part is that you never have to worry if they’ll look great in my studio. I select pieces that I know are going to look amazing, and photograph just as adorably as your child! All you have to do is show up, and I can take care of the rest.

Delilah actually crawled for the first time on hands and knees. Of course she chose my rattan rug to do it on. Go figure right? Her parents said that she normally army crawls to get what she wants. Meanwhile, I made sure to tell her that when I see her for her cake smash, she needs to not be walking yet! Those walkers are hard to keep still once they are on the move.

Again, she was just as serious today as she was for her 6 month session. Little stinker. Her mom says she’s always smiley at home. Today she was just to busy taking in her surroundings to break those adorable smiles out. What gives? How do you make a 9 month old grin? In the past, 9 month olds were notoriously the toughest critics, stack that on top of stranger danger and they always refuse to smile. Often, I can get them at the 6 month or 12 month sessions. We will see what her 12 month session brings.

Enjoy these images from her 9 month session today. And don’t forget to go back to this blog and see Delilah at her newborn session.