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My goodness. My day today was made brighter by getting to be Demian’s 6 month photographer. He is so stinking cute you guys, I can’t handle it.

Of course, why do kids choose photo day to not nap? Or to get up way earlier, or pop a tooth. It’s always bad timing. I feel like it’s the day they scratch their face, or crawl into a table and leave a bruise on their cheek. It’s always something!

Today, Demian took the no nap route. He was a cute little button though, so I’ll let it slide. It just took a little extra work to get smiles. The hard part was that he smiled when he could see my face. But once I put the camera back up to my eye his expression shifted to a look of complete confusion.

He had me in stitches. And a sweaty mess trying to run back and forth to get a smile and catch it in camera. But so worth it in the end!

I love my job as a 6 month photographer. It’s a fantastic age. They are developing this cute little personality where goofy things make them chuckle. Heck, nearly everything makes them chuckle doesn’t it? They are typically so easy to please. It’s such a great few months as they learn to crawl and start to reach those new goals of mobility. They’re learning some independence, but can’t wait to get to you for snuggles.

We tried to catch Demian crawling, we shook his water cup in front of him, but all he wanted to do was arm over arm slink. He wouldn’t get up on all fours. But he did find the attempt funny, so I guess it was worth it. It won’t be long before he’s on the go!

Enjoy his adorable little grins and that amazing curly hair of his!