peek inside a newborn session.....


the tiniest of humans...

They're the most precious thing you will ever love.  Whether you just became a family of three, or you have a handful of littles running circles around you.  There is nothing like those first images of your newborn baby.  You will look back on them for years.  They will be displayed in your home, at birthday parties, graduations, and at their wedding.

Where it all began….

Newborns are definitely what inspired my decision to become a photographer.  When I had my third child, I knew I hadn’t been able to get the type of images of my first two that I’d wanted from the big box stores.  They weren’t images that suited my style or satisfied my creativity.  I had always had a camera in my hands, why couldn’t I do this.  I had no idea, in reality, how much time or work it would take to get me to where I am today.  But it’s been worth every moment spent studying, mentoring, and investing.  Just for fun I’ll show you an image I took of my own son (my very first newborn session) and a sample of one of my most recent sessions.


The funny thing, I still love that photo, and its still displayed in my home.  I was so proud, of him, and myself a little. 

This was going to be my journey. 

The truth is, babies are only this size for the tiniest amount of time.  I want to capture their little features and remind you of that tiny baby you once held in your hands.  I want you to look at those images and remember their new baby sounds, the delicious way a baby smells.  Those adorably tiny smiles they give you.  I want to give parents the gift that will never age.  Their baby, in a sweet, timeless capture.

It’s best to schedule your newborn session as early in your pregnancy as you can.  I book newborns at my Mt Clemens studio Monday-Friday, so I’m limited in how many I can fit in a week.  The earlier you book, the better your chances. Plus, it’s one less thing for you to worry about later on!

I’m happy to style a session to showcase your family at its best. Your favorite colors, a special little memento from a loved one. Whatever it is, lets sit down together and discuss your newborn session!

Check in with my Instagram feed for all the baby snuggles!

macomb michigan newborn photography


What does a typical newborn sessions with Katie Anton Photography look like?  Well let’s break it down into different sections.  

macomb michigan newborn photography
The Posing Table

If baby comes in sleeping, I like to start here, at my posing table. These are always some of my favorite images from sessions. I love to curl them up and show off their tiny features.


Next we move on to the prop portion. Typically I aim for 3 props, and my flokati rug. Baby is often wrapped in props. This portion typically is fairly short, because baby is wrapped nice and snug, they usually sleep right through it!

Family and Siblings

The last and final portion of newborn sessions is the family, parent and sibling portion. While my flokati rug is out from props, I get siblings laying down to snuggle baby. Next is parents, and the entire family.


How long does a newborn session last?

Every baby is different, and I listen to the baby's needs, so our session will flow with them. Most sessions last 2-3 hours. Some babies might sleep better, and their session could be faster, some babies have tummy issues, or are extra hungry, and theirs could be longer. But on average, plan to be at the studio 2-3 hours.

Should we bring outfits or props?

The items you see on my website, Facebook and Instagram have been purchased specifically for newborn photography. They aren't the same outfits you would purchase in a big box store. Many items (like the knit Mickey outfit, I get asked about all the time) don't actually fit a newborn. They are bulky, and tend to inhibit the way we can pose a baby. I suggest trying those items on at home, to test their fit. Any items that you do bring, we will do first in the session. So you may not get a gallery of images like you see me advertise, as those will take up a portion of our session, depending on how much you bring.

Do you travel to our home?

I have a professional studio in downtown Mt Clemens. I've spent a lot of time curating an amazing prop collection, as well as a variety of backdrops, wraps and outfits. It is nearly impossible to travel anymore. So all newborn sessions are done at my studio. If you'd like a tour, I would LOVE for you to come see the space, just send me a message!