Engagement and Couples

Couples sessions are a fantastic way to get to know two people.  Whether its just for fun, engagement photography, or celebrating 20 years of marriage.  I love being able to learn about you, your interests and help you connect to each other in front of the camera.

I take a different approach to my engagement sessions when I can.  Not everyone is used to being in front of a camera, some of my couples haven’t been professionally photographed since they were kids.

You don’t have to just stand and smile, “say cheese”!  To be honest when its an engagement session I much prefer you act like I’m not there.  We are here for you, to celebrate your love.  Let’s get outdoors, let’s laugh, let’s reminisce.   I might ask you to tell me the story of how you met, or your first date.  I just might find out who is the best (or worst) singer.  Sounds like fun right?  I’ll bring the cues, you bring a sense of humor.  Before you know it, you’ll forget I’m even there and you’ll just enjoy the quiet time together.  The best part is when you see your photographs later.  You’ll see photographs that really represent you.  That is my ultimate goal for you.  Lets make that happen!

For my Brides and Grooms, the engagement session gives us a great opportunity to work together before your wedding.  You can see my process, I can learn what works best for you.  Then on your big day we are maximizing our time together.