Downloading Your Images

Start by clicking the link in your email to take you to your gallery page.

Enter your email address. It’s important that you enter it correctly, this is where your downloads will be sent.

It is best to download, save and share to social media or printing sites with a computer. Your cell phone as it will destroy the quality, so when possible, use a computer 🙂

 Each photo will have a download button on each photo that looks like an cloud with an arrow pointing down. This is your DOWNLOAD button. If you want to download images separately use those buttons and your download will automatically begin. However, if you would like to download an entire album or all of your photos,  there is the same button on the top right of your screen! Click this, and you will receive an email shortly after with a link to download your photos.

Soon, you’ll get an email with your final images. It’s important to know where your downloaded files are saved. Open the email, and click the “Start Download” button.

Confirm your email in the box, and click “Submit”. When the next window pops up, click “Download”.

Once your download is complete, click the downloaded files. A new window will pop up with your images. It is important to finalize the last couple steps. At the top of that window, click “Extract All”. Note the location of that download folder, you’ll need to access it next. If you want to change the location of your images, you can click Browse to save your files wherever you need them. If the location is alright, click “Extract”.

That’s it! You can now open your images in that designated folder to view, print and share! Don’t forget to go back and delete the original .zip file once you’ve extracted them!